Animated Visualization

The Wealth of Nations: The Economic History of The World:

Using a simple bar chart race, music and narration, I bring to life 200 years of global economic history, in under 5 minutes.

Interactive Charts

Comparing The Average Property Taxes Paid in New Jersey (2017)

Using Tableau, and publicly available real estate data, I create an interactive way to explore real estate data in New Jersey. This is part of a larger exploration of real estate in New Jersey.

Interactive Poster Using API

Comparing the Planets in the Star Wars Universe

Using the Star Wars API, and Tableau, I created an interactive poster that compares astronomical and societal features of the Star Wars planets.

D3.js Map

Killed By The Police In The United States

Using D3.js, this map shows every person killed by the cops in the continental United States from 2015-2018. The size shows the number of people killed . Scroll over each hexagon for more information