The Wealth of Nations

The Video Series

I have created an ongoing series on the wealth of nations. A series of visualizations showing the economic history of nearly every country in the world. Some videos are unarrated, but the hope is to eventually narrate every video into it’s own mini-documentary. 

Economic History of Latin America
1875-2016 (Narrated)
Economic History of the World
1800-2016 (Narrated)
Ranking Nearly Economy in The Caribbean
1950-2016 (Unarrated)
Ranking Every Economy in The Middle East
1950-2016 (Unarrated)
Economic History of Europe
1800-2016 (Unarrated)
Ranking Every Economy in Africa 1950-2016 (Unnarrated)

An Interactive View of The Economic History of the World

Take the data into your own hands. Scroll over the bars to take an even deeper dive.

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