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We help companies build their brand. By telling compelling stories using owned data, we create unique content that goes viral, builds backlinks, boosts SEO and drives traffic to your site.

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Top Publishers

Top publishers are spending hand over fist to create data content teams. According to the financial times, their data content reaches 5x more readers than their average article.

Data Content Drives More Traffic

Our research confirms that unique data content, with a compelling story and the right strategy can drive significant traffic in a short amount of time.

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Data Content Drives More Traffic

Your Unique Position

These data publsihers are all competing using the same publicly available data. They rehash and remix the same stories from the same public data sets. However, your company is unique. Your propitiatory data tells a particular story and how they interact and feel about your product and industry.

Data Publishers

Journalists and bloggers are always on the hunt for quality, authoritative and unique content that drives traffic. Unique data content, based on internal research checks off all of these boxes. And makes your brand the perfect subject to write about (and link to).

Boost SEO, Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase Time on Page

Once on the site, we create engaging content tailor made to your story goals and budget. For example, interactive charts allow users to take a deep dive into the data. This means that active users can spend 2-5x more time on a page than they normally would, giving an important boost to your SEO.

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The Data Lab

We are constantly doing experiments to find the content and strategies that drive the most success. We publish some of our findings for everyone to see.

Our Services

Based on our research, we have compiled a suite of services to give your data content the best chance of success

Data Content

Static, interactive or video based content to best tell your company's story

Data Blogs

Social media, individual blog posts, and full featured data blogs

Digital Strategy

Tailor made digital strategies to help your data content go viral and earn the most back-links

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