Is An Ivy League Education Worth It?

Colleges have exploded in cost over the past few years, the Ivy League worst of all, leaving many people wondering if it is still worth the expense. The Data Face has put together a couple of handy graphics showing the return on investment (ROI) from the top colleges across the country. They have even compared it to state schools, and […]

Visualizing the Biggest Fake News Stories of 2017

2017 was a year characterized by “Fake News”. A term first claimed by the left an outcry against poor and false journalism, it was quickly appropriated by the right, which used it to criticize the whole of the “mainstream media”. Their argument was that most journalism coming from major outlets was poorly or even falsely reported. Data Is Beautiful has […]

The State Of World Peace in 2017

World peace is an allusive ideal. We all want it, but we area almost totally sure we will never get it. Thanks to Knoema and the Institute for Economics and Peace, we can track how every country ranks on the peace index. The visualization below looks at “the level of safety and security in a society, the number of international […]