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New Jersey Property Tax Comparison


Property taxes in New Jersey are out of control. In fact, property taxes doubled in the 15 year period following the new millennium. This trend continued regardless of governor and political affiliation.

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What to do?

Many of us are attached to New Jersey. Whether it’s work, family, friends, or just the culture, we want to stay here in spite of the having the highest property taxes in the state. Luckily, while the average property tax bill is the highest in the country, there’s also a massive range within our tax bill. Ranging from $101 all the way up to an average of $41,000, depending on the town. So using data collected I’ve decided to make a little tool that will make it easier for NJ residents to compare average tax bills between towns and within counties. I’ve even set it up so you can see the current trends and locations of each town! So go ahead, search, highlight and click through and see if you have a cheaper alternative. And post your findings in the comments below, you never know who they might help out.

NJ Property Tax Comparison Tool

The Data

The data was compiled by You can download the compiled and cleaned data set, with geographic coordinates here.

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