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The Rise of The Alt Coin in 2017

2017 was an explosive year for Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin went from $1,000 to hitting a high of $20,000. But the real story of 2017 was the rise of the Alt coin. Coins that served as alternatives to Bitcoin, or used the block-chain for reasons completely separate from being a currency. The market exploded with an incredible amount of alt coins, some, like Ripple, even trying to challenge the market value of the all mighty bitcoin. All told, the market capitalization for all cryptocurrencies reached a record high of over $700 BILLION dollars. Tom Christian has taken to Tableau to share with us the story of 2017, the year of the Alt Coin. Hover over and click through his visualization to learn more.

The Viz

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The Creator Tom Christian
Source Tableau Public

Data from Coin Market Cap

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